Warm Up the Holidays with a Cold-Pressed Juice

on Nov 16, 2016

Thanksgiving and healthy are two words that rarely go together. Between the food and the alcohol, it’s no wonder most people are out cold by 3pm. So this year, Watts is breaking tradition and bringing one notch of healthiness to the table in the form of tasty cocktails to accompany you at every stage of your Turkey Day; whether it’s with the cranberry sauce or unboxing Christmas decorations, we want to make sure you’re balancing the holiday fun with just enough natural juice to keep you going strong.


Prepping dinner is the best part of Turkey Day. It usually means putting on the first game of the day, making pigs in a blanket and mixing up the sweet potato casserole. This kind of heavy workload deserves a drink with a little bit of a boost. So here are a couple classic cocktails with a Watts twist to get your engine revved for the first part of prep.

First, we bring you the Watts Mimosa. For this drink, you’ll need a prefered sparkling wine, champagne or prosecco to mix in with our 30 Watt, which is a refreshing mix of orange, pineapple, pear and apple. Once the juice and bubbles are melded together, top it off with a little squeeze of lemon to give yourself a bright little morning treat.


  • 30 Watt (Orange, Pineapple, Pear, Apple)
  • Champagne
  • Squeeze of Lemon

We’re calling this Bloody Mary spin-off the Watts Puritan Mary because it’s packed full of delicious nutrients that go great with a little vodka. Here you’ll need our 100 Watt (beet, carrot, lime, turmeric, cucumber), a vodka of your choice and a can of tomato juice. Start with the vodka, pour in your juice, then add in the tomato juice slowly and stir. Tilt glass up and repeat as needed.


  • 100 Watt (Beet, Carrot, Lime, Turmeric, Cucumber)
  • Vodka (2-3 oz)
  • Tomato Juice (2 oz)



After a long day of cooking, it’s finally time to sit down and reap the rewards. The meal that comes around once a year deserves a delicious companion, so sit back and enjoy a Watts Fall Sangria. Since this meal is on the heavier side, we wanted to pair it with a bit of a lighter drink that can still complement the vast array of flavors on the table. The drink should be made in bulk so as to share around the table. Our recipe serves 12 festive drinkers.

For the Watts Fall Sangria, you’ll need a red wine blend, our 60 Watt (Beet, Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Pineapple, Cucumber), a bottle of sparkling apple cider and assorted fruits of your choice. You’ll want to start by pouring the red wine in first, followed by the fruit and then top off with the 60 Watt. Let it sit for an hour and then top off with about half of the bottle of sparkling cider. We prefer to put this into a nice glass serving bowl so everyone can get a nice helping of fruit in each scoop.


  • 60 Watt (Beet, Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Pineapple, Cucumber). 1-2 bottles depending on flavor intensity of juices
  • Red Wine Blend. One bottle.
  • Splash Sparkling Apple Cider (add last right before serving) ½ bottle
  • Assorted fruit of choice



And finally that evening, if you’re still standing, you’ve made it to dessert. For this part of the night, we think you might need a little zip to stay up and help untangle Christmas lights. So on that note, we’re bringing you the Watts Cold Brewed Tini. For this one, you’ll need a chocolate-flavored vodka, coffee liqueur and the C4 Watt (Almond Milk, Bold Bean Cold Brew). This rejuvenator will be perfect for staying up past 4 o’clock.


  • 1oz Chocolate flavored Vodka
  • ½ oz Coffee Liqueur
  • C4 Watt (Almond Milk, Bold Bean Cold Brew)

There you have it; your unofficial guide for holiday drinking. It’s a long, joyful day, so pace yourself and just remember to be thankful for Watts and your good friend, alcohol. And family and friends. Yeah, them too.  

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