Ready, Set, Cleanse, Enjoy

on May 30, 2017

Congrats you go-getter. If you’ve made it to this page, it means that you care about your well-being and are taking strides towards a healthier, happier you– and that’s the biggest step. Relax, we’ve got you covered from here.

If this is your first cleanse, don’t stress. Below we’ve laid out a timeline to help set you up for a fruitful detox. 

One week out

  • Up the hydration
  • Begin to transition from dairy and animal proteins, specifically red meats, to veg-based proteins (seeds, nuts & legumes)
  • Back off processed foods, sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeine
  • Introduce fresh fruit & veg, and more whole foods

Why it’s important: helps avoid shocking your body and rapid detox symptoms— including headaches, lethargy and stomach aches.  

Three days before

  • Hydrate: we’re talking 64 ounces a day of water & throw in citrus for flavor + flare
  • Personal planning:
    • Set yourself up for mindful reflection and a stress-reduced environment
    • Surround yourself with supporters 

Why it’s important: H2O helps transport nutrients to your cells, so hydrating helps you make the most out of the concentrated nutrients being delivered to your system


  • Start each day with a glass of water + lemon
  • Drink your juices in 2-hour increments
  • Continue to hydrate
  • End with a soothing, decaf hot tea

The day after

  • Back to hydration, 64 oz a day
  • Reintroduce whole fruits and greens

Two-three days after

  • Gradually reintroduce nuts, gluten-free grains and other whole foods

Be gentle, your gut health will be primed and you want to bring back whole foods slowly.

Have more questions? Give our electricious staff a call or visit the store. And to help you prep your cleanse, get a free wrap or salad to kickstart your detox— now through Sunday.


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