Pairs Well With Others

on Apr 10, 2017

As you may have already heard, we’ve recently adopted a couple of changes here at Watts. The biggest change we’ve brought to you is our new, electricious grab-n-go food options.  We’re all for quick and easy food with a healthy flare, nutritious options shouldn’t be a task to obtain on the go.

So since the menu is new and so are some of the juices, what better way to get acquainted than with a good list of pairings to help you get the most out of your new and improved Watts experience. Say hello to your new craving.


Mexican Chopped Salad pairs well with…55 Watt

Salad: Romaine, kidney beans, guacamole, carrots, vegan cheddar, tortilla strips, cilantro vinaigrette
Juice: Alkaline water, strawberry, hibiscus, apple, aloe vera, schisandra berry, apple cider vinegar  

This salad has everything you could ask for out of a salad, fresh greens paired with a light crunch and finished off with a bright cilantro vinaigrette. The special zest that this meal brings tangos best with something a bit on the fruitier side, and the 55 Watt is the perfect dance partner here. Soft flavors like apple, aloe vera and strawberry help even out the bite from the vinaigrette. And health benefits here are a plenty and an added bonus to an already delicious lunch. Romaine is packed full of iron and dietary fiber, plus the beets you get in the juice are a natural immune booster– together they create a well-rounded lunch with well-rounded nutritional value.

Coconut Yogurt Parfait pairs well with...CT Chai Latte

Parfait: Coconut yogurt, seasonal fruit, granola
Latte: Chai tea, honey, 04 Watt Almond Milk

It will certainly be a good morning with this duo, the coconut and fresh fruit provide a balanced lightness that goes perfectly with that silky chai taste from the CT. This is the perfect breakfast pairing, it’s packed full of protein to start the day off right. Added benefits include that chai is known to help aid with digestion and is a great boost to the ole immune system. These two are made for one another.

Smashed Chickpea Wrap pairs well with…12 Watt-er

Wrap: Smashed chickpea spread, cucumber, carrot, greens, cilantro vinaigrette
Watt-er: Aloe vera extract, lemon, alkaline water

If you’re looking for the perfect meal to grab before a beach day then look no further than this hydrating combo. On top of being cool and refreshing, the 12 Watt-er is made with aloe extract which makes it especially beneficial when spending time outdoors. And to boot, the wrap is made with cucumber which adds another element of hydration into your day, as well enough protein to make that beach energy last.

Hopefully by now you’re excited to get in here and try all of our eltericioulsy delicious new menu additions. But, if that list wasn’t enough to excite you then maybe this will be, we’ve got smoothies now too people. Stay tuned.

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