Electricious Summer Part 4: NOURISH

on Aug 30, 2016

We’re rounding out the end of summer with our last and most important installment—Nourish. The end of summer means it’s time to get back into your normal routine. But your normal routine doesn’t mean you have to get lax on nutrition just because your beach days are coming to a close. Instead, we want to help you stay on track with some info on the benefits of keeping your body energized with the right kind of fuel.

An Organic Start

The meaning of nourishment varies for everyone, but personally, we love a fresh perspective. Organic can be a scary word for people who aren’t familiar with it, but it truly just means getting the best out of your ingredients. When you eat organic, it means you’re eating food that retains a lot more vitamins and nutrients from pesticide-free soil, as opposed to its chemically grown counterparts. You’re also avoiding the hormones that get pumped into fruits and veggies in order to make them bigger. But! The best reason to eat organic is because, honestly, it just tastes better.

Local Fare

Eating well doesn’t mean you have to stay in and prepare a meal each night; you can go out to any number of Jacksonville restaurants  to enjoy organic and locally sourced grub. Dining out supports your local farming community while providing you with a delicious dinner and none of the dishes. Black Sheep is one of our local favorites, not just for the food, but also for the tremendous view. Located in one of the best parts of town, Black Sheep offers a trendy selection of locally grown entrees and craft cocktails. Keeping yourself nourished with a rooftop view of the city isn’t the worst thing in the world by any means.

Feast Your Eyes

Getting in on the latest food trends is great for becoming a little more creative in the kitchen. Magazines like Edible Northeast Florida (available right here in our shop) keep you in the know for all things food. This mag is full of delicious recipes and plenty of gardening how-tos, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your food and your garden. Balance out their lovely little food recipes with a crafty cocktail recipe for the ultimate treat, and stay well-nourished across the board.

Our Contribution

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t offer up one of our signature juices to get you going. The Nourish 4-pack is just the boost you’ll want for your most nutritious self. This quartet is packed with everything from turmeric to charcoal, with plenty of fruits and veggies in between. Nourish provides the 125 Watts, 100, 75 and 18 Watt-er for two bucks less than the normal price—good for your wallet, but even better for you.

Stop in this week for your Nourish 4-pack, and if there’s any extra information you may need for saying goodbye to summer and hello to your healthiest self, just ask us!

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