Electricious Summer Part 3: RECHARGE

on Jul 28, 2016

What NOT To Do When Getting Healthy

Summer came fast, and it seems like there’s one pool party after another. Thoughts are racing through our minds. Get in shape. Drop some pounds. Fried food? No, don’t. Lose 20lbs. But in two weeks? I know. Dog food diet! Bad idea. Fine, exercise....right after this tempura dynamite roll.

It’s easy to go a little crazy in the summer.

We will be the first to say to all the naysayers, it’s totally fine to not look like a well-oiled machine for that pool party. If we’ve come to that pitchfork in the road and want to change up the lifestyle, there is no need to go overboard. We don’t think anyone needs to completely quit the bad habits but instead make gradual changes. Drastic changes can leave us feeling a little empty inside and almost as if we’ve said ‘sayonara!’ to the old life—and maybe that old life wasn’t so bad!

When we start fresh on a health journey, we sometimes feel like it’s all or nothing. We decide bread and carbs are our biggest enemy. If we don’t go to the gym at least five days a week, we’re useless. We have to part ways with donuts, ice cream, candy and everything else that’s decadent in this world. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important.

People can get a little extreme with crash dieting over the summer.  A healthy life shouldn’t be what we dread but instead a source of satisfaction and happiness. So, we’ve created some general guidelines for what not to do on this health journey.

We Cannot Compare Ourselves to Others

Odds are there has probably been a time when we thought someone was the best looking human ever seen; such an attractive arrangement of atoms in figure form. Then, some friend disagreed and left us completely taken aback. If we all had the same standards of beauty, we would live in a sad world. Fortunately, it’s instead filled with different opinions, mindsets, appearances and ideas.

Throughout this journey, there will always be people ahead of us with progress, and we might find ourselves discouraged. Maybe a friend Roberto* has already seen ridiculous results, and we feel as if we are a quarter short on the struggle bus. Guess what? There are also people looking at us ahead of them as a source for motivation. We inspire others at different levels. While we might have been looking at the best looking human we have ever seen, someone has looked at us and thought the same. If we were expected to see the same results, everyone would have the same body. That would be just weird.

Some idea within us brought about this desire for change, and everyone is usually in it for different reasons—whether it is to get our bodies ready for swimsuits, show the ex how much better life is without him or her, or the hope for fewer doctor visits— and just as the initial motivation is different, the results are too.  When we compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of that original motivating force. We then aren’t chasing our goals, our idea of beauty, but theirs. Being responsible for ourselves is a beautiful thing. Comparison removes that responsibility and is actually easier. Because the focus is no longer on us, and we put it on someone else. Instead of actually figuring out where we need to step up. Make yourself your biggest competition, but not your biggest obstacle. We should make our own strides, meet our goals, and we’ll feel better about ourselves.

We Shouldn’t Write Ourselves Off

Every once in awhile, that bag of potato chips has beckoned us. We can’t help but to try one or two. After one chip leads to another, that entire bag is empty.

There is no need to worry because we are not alone. If we think that everyone has been perfect throughout the health journey, we should be happy to realize a lot of times that is not the case. As humans, we are bound to make some mistakes.

If a bowl of ice cream is going to make us happy, go for it. Food shouldn’t be a source of fear that restricts enjoying what life offers. If we feel super guilty about a treat, we should reassess the food goals and why we are feeling unhappy. After all, it’s just an ice cream at the end of the day.

We have a tendency to write ourselves off when we make mistakes; especially at the start of a health journey. One of the biggest mistakes we can make after falling off track would be not waking up the next day and continuing to eat healthy or go to the gym. We just have to jump right back into a routine. If we ever are in need of a light detox to get back in our routine, we like to grab our 12-Watter that has freshly-pressed aloe and lemon.

We will not be so Hard on Ourselves

Whenever we decide to start the health journey, it’s almost as if life throws all it can at us to sabotage. Sources of sabotage are not limited to but may include: $4 sushi, Sunday brunch, $1 wine night, movie theatre popcorn and Taco Tuesday. These sabotage the goals we have set. Just because we monitor our health doesn’t mean we have to restrict some of the foods that are loved. It is a poor idea to give into all of the temptations, but instead we can allow a treat once per week.

Or maybe it isn’t the $4 sushi that sabotages us, maybe we’re sabotaging ourselves. If we miss out on things that make us happy, how is that not sabotage?

If there’s a pool party, we shouldn’t psych ourselves out of going just because we aren’t where we want to be yet physically. When we aren’t feeling 100%, we have the tendency to think of all the possibilities that might go wrong, but once we put ourselves out there, we realize it wasn’t so bad. Most of the time, we’ll actually be glad we went.

Instead of obsessing over all the things we need to do, maybe it’s time to obsess over what we don’t do.

* Name changed to protect identity.

Watts RECHARGE Suggestions

Here’s a list of some of the juices we like to consume when we need a restart:

12 Watt-er - Alkaline Water, Aloe Water, Lemon

Charcoal Watt-er - Alkaline Water, Activated Charcoal

36 Watts - Apple, Cucumber, Pineapple, Lime, Mint

44 Watts - Grapefruit, Orange, Ginger, Cayenne

97 Watts - Kale, Spinach, Apple, Grapefruit, Orange, Jalapeno


Model: Eva Porter 

Photographer: Lindsey Miller 

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