Introducing: Electricious Summer

on Jul 06, 2016

We’re introducing our Electricious Summer Blog Series-- a complete guide on how to get the most out of your summertime and out of your body.

Part 1: Strengthen

Here at Watts, we are all about the alternative health; instead of energy drinks we offer juice packed with all the vitamins you need for long-lasting energy. In keeping with the alternative mantra, we’ve paired some of the best alternative gyms and workouts around Jax Beach with our new 10-ounce juice options to give you a boost for your most effective electricious summer workout yet.

Crossfit Black HIVE

CrossFit is structured to build strength, both physically and mentally. It also seeks to work with people individually, catering to their specific needs. It’s important to come in with a goal in mind so the trainers can get an idea of what you want out of your workout. Before you embark in CrossFit, you should start incorporating some basic activities into your routine just to get a foundation going. This type of workout focuses on strengthening all the muscles you didn’t even know you had in places you never imagined. So for this workout, it’s important to maximize your energy level because you’re going to be moving—and fast.

Our Juice Pairing: 60 Watt

This juice is your ideal pre-workout drink. It’s packed with beets which are amazing before a workout because they are high in complex carbohydrates and natural sugar to ensure a good energy burst before your CrossFit session.


If you’re looking for something truly unique and effective, PureBarre could be a great option for you to try. This is a full-body workout that stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body while keeping it low impact which is easier on your joints. If your goal is to create long and lean lines in your figure, then this is the type of elegant workout you need in your life. Although this class is catered towards a woman’s needs, men are totally welcome. Just make sure to bring your sticky socks. (Don’t worry, you can pick them up when you get to class.)

Our Juice Pairing: 44 Watt

We love this juice as our post-workout treat. The 44 Watt has an extra kick with a healthy dose of cayenne that’s sure to keep your metabolism going and keep your energy levels up post workout.

Outside The Gym

Workouts come in all forms, but we really want to stress that you don’t always need a venue to get your burn on. Aspiring runners can take your workout to the streets and maybe even push yourself to a triathalon. Whether you want to train for an actual triathlon (think Ironman), the next community 5K, or just for your own personal goals, running is a great way to develop strength and endurance. If you’re not already running daily, start slow and add time and distance to your runs each day. Download one of the many running apps to help keep track of your stats and your progression. Running gives you a full-body workout and the benefits are numerous, including lower blood pressure, mental clarity, and prevention of obesity and diabetes.

Our Juice Pairing: 22.6 Watt

This juice can be a great option before or after your run. It’s packed with electrolytes, keeping you nice and hydrated during your training. Plus, that watermelon flavor is incredibly refreshing after a day in the summer heat.


Alternative fitness is the perfect way to find something you actually enjoy doing, instead of making working out seem like a chore. These kinds of workouts also allow you to set tangible goals for yourself. There’s nothing more gratifying than adding more weight to the bar when you never used think you could raise it by itself, or crossing the finish line of your first race (and you didn’t walk once!). Whatever activity you choose, get the most out of it by keeping it healthy and fun. This is the start of your electricious summer, so the next time you lace up, don’t forget to juice up!

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