Watts Featured in Ponte Vedra Focus

on Jan 05, 2016

While technically not in PV, Watts Juicery, a new juice bar, is worth the 10-minute drive.  Fresh, delicious and good for you with a fun space, check out Watts and hopefully you will run into the beautiful and gracious Annie Tuttle.

What is your favorite thing about PVB?
I love the close-knit community and the beaches are beautiful.

What made you start Watts Juicery?
The inspiration for Watts was two-fold. I recognized a need for a cold-pressed juice bar in the Jacksonville beaches market after being in Atlanta and visiting a cold-press juice bar. I thought, “This is so great! Why doesn’t Jacksonville have one?” Also, my mother lived with breast cancer for over two decades, but because of her healthy lifestyle and philanthropic commitments, she was able to maintain a positive outlook on life. She juiced throughout her sickness and that really made a difference in how she felt day to day. I wanted to start Watts to encourage healthy living and also have a business that gave back to the community, just as my mom always did.

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