$9 for juice? Are you crazy?!

on Jan 05, 2016

A nine-buck juice seems steep, right? But wait. We can explain. Cold-pressed juice isn’t just some new fad, or about getting photo opps or street cred. There’s much more to it that makes paying nine dollars for juice the smartest investment you can possibly make for your body.

What sets our juices apart from your made-to-order juice bar is the lack of heat. The heat created in the centrifugal juicing process that others use can destroy enzymes and doesn’t extract all of the nutrients the ingredients have to offer. But our cold-pressed juicers use a slow pulverizer and hydraulic process that squeezes a lot of produce slowly without generating heat, maintaining all of the nutrients and maximizing the goodness you get from it. And when we say A LOT of produce, we mean it.

Just for reference, we’re talking up to four pounds of produce per bottle. So, you know all those greens and vitamins you’re constantly worried about getting in your body? Well, we put it all in one convenient bottle, making it cheaper, faster and easier than buying all that produce in the store each day. Plus we’ve perfected our recipes so even the kids will be drinking their greens and loving it.

Not to mention that nutrients from our cold-pressed recipes are known for being cancer fighters and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease among many others (such as rheumatoid arthritis and upset stomach). And that’s reason enough to turn even the biggest, bacon-loving skeptic into a juice addict.

So yeah, maybe we are crazy—crazy to be selling such a huge amount of nutrient-rich, organic produce in a bottle for only nine bucks. But if that makes us crazy, well, we’ll drink to that.

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