Why Watts?

on Jan 05, 2016

When you think of your favorite restaurants and coffee shops, you probably don’t think much about the name itself. Just, “what’s the wi-fi password again?” But a name is everything. And we should know. We put a lot of thought into ours.

For us, Watts represents our mission to take each moment in life and make the most of it. Watts cold-pressed juices are designed to give you the maximum amount of nutrients we can possibly squeeze into each bottle, allowing you to vitalize your life in one serving. It’s a burst of electricity and a boost of vibrancy for just about anyone who needs it; the super soccer mom, the student working two jobs, the start-up guy next door. Watts represents the powerful feeling you get when you’re full of life, energy and a juice that packs an entire day’s serving of fruits and vegetables into one 16 oz. bottle.

Watts wants to help you live life in vibrant color all the way down to the last drop. So stop by Watts Juicery for true cold-pressed, natural, organic juice—and some free wi-fi too.

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