MVP this week: Coconut Water

on May 18, 2016

With our Drink Pink campaign going on and the DONNA run coming up this weekend, we’d like to get into the ingredients of our infamous 26.2 Watt juice. In particular, we want to talk about the world-renowned coconut water. What’s the deal with that stuff?

You’ve seen it in the hands of athletes, on the shelves of health-food stores, and on the labels of some of our juices.  But is coconut water really that good for you?  In one word: Absolutely!

Here's what coconut water can do for you as an athlete, runner, DONNA participant and everyone in between:


1. Low in Calories.

Like coconut water, coconut milk has also been gaining a lot of traction here in the states.  There are two main differences between the two.  One: coconut milk is made by grating the milky white lining, while coconut water is simply the juice held inside.  Two: coconut milk has about 550 calories in a cup compared to coconut water that has only about 45 calories!  The benefits are virtually the same but coconut water does it with less than a tenth of the calories.

2. Electrolytes.

Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes that aid in recovery.  The essential electrolyte salts found in coconut water help athletes keep going, help the weekend warrior recover from hangovers faster (thanks, nature!), and can even balance out high blood pressure.

3. Nutrients.

Nutrients? Nutrients.  Coconut water is packed full of nutrients.  It’s a rich source of manganese, magnesium, riboflavin, calcium, vitamin C, and potassium.  For comparison: that’s four times as much potassium as a ripe banana and about a fifth of the sugar found in a Gatorade.

4. Healthy Skin.

Not only does coconut water help you feel better can and also aid in making you look better too!  Those that suffer from acne or blemishes can see improvement either through facial creams and lotions that contain coconut water or even if consumed orally.  The effects will be a more moisturized skin and a reduction in oil.

5.  Staying Hydrated.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a recreational athlete just trying to stay in shape, you know hydration is key.  Sure, you can grab a sports or energy drink, but there is a more efficient way.  If you grab a drink or juice with coconut water, you will intake less sodium and more potassium.  Exactly what you’re body needs to replace the mineral-rich fluids you lost during your exercise.

So, basically, coconut water is the MVP this week, and every week. Join us in our Drink Pink campaign by drinking the 26.2 Watt, which not only benefits you and your health, but raises money and awareness for First Coast women living with breast cancer. For more information, stop by Watts Juicery, check out the 26.2 Watt and get your fill of coconut water.

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