Stay Motivated In 2016

on May 18, 2016

Its that time of the year again: new calendar, new gym membership, new year, new you.  And this year it’s “going to be different” (just like you said last year).  So before you start to waver on your resolutions and pass the point of no return, we’re here with some tips to keep you motivated and make this year the year you stick with it.  Whether your goal was weight loss or just a healthier lifestyle, you can reach it just by taking a few simple steps:

  1. Detox. Kick off your week with a Watts cleanse. Do however many days you feel comfortable with, but make it achievable. A cleanse will help you detox and get your body in the right state to reach your goals. See our last blog post for more details.

  2. Write it down. Pull out the old pen and paper (read: Notepad app) and write down your goals for the year.  Break it down into weekly or monthly objectives and actively log your progress.  Keep track of what you eat throughout each week and how you feel. Check out, the girls that developed and awesome planner to keep your life goals a priority while working or in school.

  3. Eat nutritious food. You know it and I know it- that fast food window is only serving up empty calories and not giving your body the nutrition it needs. What your body needs is full daily servings of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients, especially this deep in flu season.  Healthier food will give you natural energy and keep you feeling good.

  4. Find your buddy. A lifestyle change is a lot easier when someone is doing it with you.  Get a family member, co-worker, or friend who has the same resolution shouldn’t be hard at all involved and be accountable for each other. Makes it a lot harder to say “I quit” when looking at someone who is doing the same thing as you.

  5. Pack a snack. Apples, bananas, carrots, and nuts are super portable and can be brought with you on the go; wash ‘em down with a 16 oz juice and boom you’ve got a quick meal with all the goods in it. Having a snack in your bag will also keep you from straying to the nearest fast food option.

  6. Have fun with it. A healthier lifestyle means a new opportunity for you to try new exercises and new and exotic food. This doesn't have to be miserable! If you hate running, don’t run. Instead, try biking or swimming. You’re more likely to stick with an exercise if it’s fun and you look forward to doing it. Change is good people. And if this change doesn't come easy and scare you, then it’s not big enough. 

  7. Treat yourself. You deserve it.  Reward yourself for your efforts and success at the end of the month. Moderation is the key to success. But moderate your moderation. Don’t allow yourself to binge or take a month off of exercise. All we are saying is a cookie or glass of wine here and there won’t kill you (unless you’re highly allergic to cookies, but I digress).

  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself. At some point (if you haven’t already) you’ll have a slip up and go back to the food you swore off.  Don’t let that get you down, stay the course, and make that next meal a healthy one!

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